Factors Affecting Adoption of Electronic Banking Services at CBE

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The reasoning of this investigation was to survey factors that influence customer’s acceptance of e-banking in CBE. Data was gathered through questionnaire distributed to a target of 400 respondents with response rate of 95.4 % from customers of the selected branches. Quantitative research approach was used to answer research questions. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS version 22 for descriptive and inferential analyses. The relationship and influence of the factors was analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regressions. The outcomes of the research revealed that the explanatory variables awareness on e-banking service, interruption of e-banking equipment, trust and demographic factors were identified as significant effects on e-banking adoption. Approaches are also suggested to enrich the e-banking services including making websites more user-friendly, reducing users risk concerns and the role of government in terms of improving ICT infrastructure. Finally, in order to bring about sustainable adaptation of e- banking services by financial institutions which best serves the customer needs, more research works are suggested to be done to further analyze the participation of e-banking services to the larger economic transactions.



E- banking, adoption, CBE