The Impacts of Banning Alcohol Advertising on Media & Advertising Industry, Brewery Factories and the Society in Addis Ababa.

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This study examined the impacts of banning alcohol advertising on media houses, advertising industries, brewery industries and the society in Addis Ababa. It specifically aimed to understand the perception and opinion of the public towards alcohol consumption since the bill was passed, particularly among the youth community in Addis Ababa. The study employed a mixed method, conducted a public survey and randomly interviewed 187dwelers of Addis Ababa, and also held and in-depth key informant interview with the representatives of two media houses, two advertising companies and one brewery factory and gathered both qualitative and quantitative data. The result of the study reveals that the banning of alcohol advertising on media outlets has resulted in both positive and negative impacts. As a result of the enforcement of the bill that bans alcohol advertising, the exposure of the youth to alcohol has reduced, which in turn may contributed to the reduced number of alcohol drinking and alcohol related violence in the city of Addis Ababa. Despite its positive impacts for societal well-being, the enforcement of the bill banning alcohol advertising on media outlets, however, has severely impacted the business environments of the media and advertising sectors. The bill has significantly contributed for the decreased revenue, reduced labour force and overall market share, which in turn decreased the profitability of the companies. As such, the media and advertising sectors should assess their business operating environment to identify and tap potential opportunities with other industries and diversify their client base. The government should also design strategies that can sustain the development of these two sectors, without compromising the well-being of its citizens.



media and advertising