Clinical Profile and Outcome of Trauma among Adult Patient Treated at Alert Hospital Trauma Center Emergency Department Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2021.

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Addis Abeba University


Introduction: A traumatic injury can be caused by a wide range of blunt, penetrating, and other mechanisms. As a result, after a patient has sustained this injury, he/she may require immediate care. So, all aspects of trauma care systems, such as a powerful prehospital care system, skilled human power, facilities, equipment, and continuous supplies, must be in place for a successful outcome. Objective: This study is aimed to assess the clinical profile and outcome of trauma among adult patient treated at ALERT hospital trauma center emergency department Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from January 1/2019 to December 1/2020. Methods: A retrospective chart review study was performed during the time period of January 2019 to December 2020 on trauma patients treated to the trauma and emergency department of ALERT hospital. For statistical analysis, Epi-data version 4.6 and SPSS version 25 were employed, and Fisher's exact test was performed to determine the statistical association. Results: Male to female ratio was 259:103, with the 24–33 age group predominantly affected by trauma. The most common time of injury was 8–6 a.m., and the taxi was the predominant mode of arrival to the hospital (59.7%). Inter personal violence (IPV) is the most common accident, accounting for 31.8 %. Road traffic injury (R.T.I.) is the second most common cause of injury accounted for 30.7% of victims, three wheelers or Bajaj (45%) dominated over others vehicles. Mostly pedestrian was affected 62.1%. The Kampala severity score II (KTS II) were show milled trauma (82.3%), moderate trauma (11%), and severe trauma account (6.6%). Open wound/ Soft tissue injury (44.2%) and Extremity fracture (24%) were the frontrunners injury, with 11.3% of the victims were polytrauma. The mortality rate was 3.6%. Conclusions and recommendation: The injury was prominently IPV and RTA, the trauma victims were young. The focus should be directed to injury prevention and safety measures. Future studies can be directed to long term outcomes and follow up of injury victims to account for exact mortality and morbidity due to such unfortunate events.



Clinical profile, trauma, outcome