Assessment of Tourists Satisfaction: The Case of Hawassa City Resort Hotels, Hawassa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


One of the biggest contemporary challenges of management in tourism service industries is providing and maintaining tourist satisfaction. This study focuses on the tourist's satisfaction in resort hotels categories in Hawassa city. The content analysis is determining Ihe exlent of the lourist's salis faction wilh Ihe value of resorl hotels industries and also Ihe way of delivelY for the tOllrisl. The overwhelming lourists demand for quality products and services has become in recent years increasingly evident to the professionals in Ihe tourism and resort holels indllSllY. Among all lourisls' demands, product and service quality has been increasingly recognized as a critical factor in the success of any tourism business. In Ihis study, Ihe researcher has IIsed analYlical descriplive type of research (qualilative and quanlilative research approach) and differenl dala colleclion inslruments (like queslionnaire, interview, and parlicipant observalion) methods Ihal can give effeclive relevanl inforll1alion. To analyze Ihe data series, servequalmodel was IIsed for expeClalion of service quality and perceived service quality measurement with relationship of determining factors for the level of tourisl 's salisfaclion in resort hOlels 10 be drawn allention in 10 this. Finally Ihe researcher conclude Ihal in Ihe cily of Hawassa resort hotels 10llrisls are satisfied through product and quality service of the resort hOlels because Ihe perceived product and quality service amollnt was greater than 10llrist expectation and also resort hotels standard factors are highly affected tourists satisfaction. Keywords: Tourists, satis/aclions, Perceived, Expeclalion, Products and service qualily with relalionship.



Tourists, satisfaclions, Perceived, Expeclalion, Products and service qualily with relalionship