Users Awareness and Practice on Emergency Contraception Among Youth in Adama and Bahir Dar Universities, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Unsafe abortion is a major public health problem in Ethiopia contributing to the high maternal mortality rate. The youth constitute a high risk group for unsafe abortions. It can be lessened by the use of ECP to prevent unintended pregnancy. Despite the availability of the method, access to and use of this method remains low in the country. The purpose of this study was to evaluate knowledge, attitudes and practice of ECP among university students in Adama and BahirDar, Ethiopia. A sample of 400 female students of Adama and Bahir Dar Universities and 40 service providers in the two towns were selected for the study. Data were collected by a selfadministered, anonymous and pre-tested questionnaire, FDGs and KIIs. The findings of the study indicate that of the total potential ECP users a slightly less than 50% were aware of the method and much lesser in Bahir Dar University. The majority of the health service providers who participated in the KII and the FGD participants reported that they had heard about the method. However, knowledge of the general features of emergency contraceptive pills was very low and misinformation was high among these groups. Awareness about EC was more strongly associated with prior sex practice. Users and providers generally had positive attitudes regarding emergency contraceptive pills; however, some believed that emergency contraceptive pills were abortificient. Those with adequate knowledge generally showed favorable attitudes towards emergency contraceptive pills. Few respondents (less than J 0%) had used emergency contraceptive pills. Prescription pattern of providers was velY low. Media and friends were important source of information on ECP for most of the respondents familiar with the method. The study recommends an urgent need to educate the youth about ECP including the correct timing of use. Health service providers need training about ECP. It is also recommended that training programs target the types of providers who are less knowledgeable about the method.



Emergency Contraception