Single-Mode Three-Level Laser Coupled to Thermal Reservoir

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis, we have studied the quantum properties of the light produced by degenerate three-level laser in which three-level atoms available in a cavity coupled to a thermal reservoir are pumped from the lower to the upper level at the rate ra. Employing the master equation, we have obtained the quantum Langevin equations for the cavity mode and atomic operators. With the aid of the solutions of these equations, we have calculated the mean and variance of the photon number, the quadrature variance, the quadrature squeezing and power spectrum for the cavity light. We have found that the variance of the photon number is greater than the mean photon number, indicating that the light produced by degenerate three-level laser has super- Poissonian photon statistics. On the other hand, we have realized that the presence of thermal reservoir decreases the quadrature squeezing. The maximum quadrature squeezing of the light generated by degenerate three-level laser is found to be 50% for n = 0 and 36:6% for n = 0:2 below a vacuum state leve



A three-level laser is a quantum optical system