The Effect of Technological Advancement on Logistics Performance; the Case of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (Eslse)

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Addis Ababa University


Applications of advanced automated technology in the maritime industry have become a vital part in the successful operation of its various activities. And this paper tries to see the outcome of technical advancement on logistics performance in the case of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise particularly in the Automation of system area. In order to compile the required information to conduct the research 83 questionnaires were prepared and submitted to the employees of ESLSE of which 78 of the respondents have filled and returned back the response. Pearson correlation was employed to assess the links indicated in the framework, and regression analysis was used to analyze the causal relationships. According to the findings of the investigation, there is a significant effect that applying advanced technology in various areas to maximize net profit, minimize overall cost, integrate shipping systems and improve cargo delivery time will have a positive relationship depending on how well the logistics capability of the company. And in the current logistics performance of ESLSE it is observed that majority of the employees have neutral or lower stance which shows efforts need to be exerted to improve the overall logistics of the company at this stand. Therefore, an improvement is needed on automating the system of the organization in order to improve the cargo delivery time by integrating the various shipping systems and avoiding unnecessary costs and eventually maximize the net profit so that better services are registered for the overall customer satisfaction



Automation, Net profit maximization