Assessment Of Execution Practice Of Social Work Project In Selected Local NGOs In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Project implementation vary in different organizations with regard to their scope, schedule, budget and objective which make the project unique in its character. Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are project driven organization which based on implementing project that uplift social deprivation without gaining profit. Therefore most of the project implemented by NGOs are donated by local or international fund which include personal donation, organizational and group of people by excluding payback for their own benefit. This study focused on local NGOs which implement the project by using local fund and used not more than 10% from international donation. The main objective of this study was to assess the practice and challenges of social work projects undertaken by local NGOs. Even though project is unique by its nature there are common areas that can be assess the practice of project implementation and challenges local NGOs faced nowadays. Based on pilot interview and literature review we extract different challenges and success factor that influence project implementation to assess the existing situation of local NGOs that found in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To investigate local NGOs project implementation practice this study use both secondary and primary data collection technique; for the secondary data this study went through literature review to overlook NGOs historical back ground, existing implemented projects, success factor that influence project implementation and external and internal challenges. And based on that questionnaire develop to use as primary data collection techniques to collect the necessary data concerning the practice and challenges of social work projects implementation under taken by local NGOs in Addis Ababa. By locating the target group which is local NGOs that work on children development projects, which is 238 local NGOs questionnaire was used as primary data collection to gather data to made strong conclusion and recommendation. By using sampling, 43 local NGOs are selected randomly and from the sample 33 questionnaire collected from respondent, 8 sample does no longer exist as NGOs and 2 of them are not willing to give response. And the analysis is based on 33 local NGOs response on project implementation practice and its challenges. After analyzing the questionnaire the study arrived to the conclusion that project is implemented based on given schedule and there is fair level of governmental support and community participation but its challenging to implement project based on scope and quality. This study find fund and financial situation of the organization, and country regulation and policy as leading challenges that affect the social work project implantation practice in local NGOs.



project implementation, social work project, project implementation challenges