The Cost of HIV/AIDS on Health Institutions: The Case of Three Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study is aimed at determining and com.?aring Ihe COSI incurred in Ireating HIVIA IDS and non- J-IIV .-JlDS patients and the impaci ',n healih institlllions. Three hospitals in Addis Ababa nameh Tikur Anbessa, St. p oul's ano Zewdifll were included in this slUdy. Essential data were e.Xlracted by assessing patient cO'ds and Administrative records retrospectively and filled in a format developed .flJr the purpose of this sflldy. The eXlracted data were entered and analyzed in SPSS statistical paci-.age. The costs per inpatiel7l day, per inpatient stay and outpalient visits were estimrJted by wing the service and unil COSI approaches. The hospital costs of 453 patients (293 HIV positire, 160 HIV negative) were analyzed the mean length of stay of HIVIAIDS pal ients were 19 days and outpatient visils were 4 days. The HIVIAIDS pmient service charges paid to the hospiwl (service cost) per admission were on average Birr 1,134 (US $ 132)' ond per (~utpalient visits were Birr 585.41 (US $ 68) moreover these inpatient and outpatient public services valued using private hospitals service prices the cost was Birr 4,614 (US 1) 539) and Birr 1,072 (US $ /25) respectively. Whereas the unit cost of HIVIAIDS patients per admission were Birr 2,72 7.51 (US $ 318) and Birr 629.88 (US $ 74) per outpatient visits There was no significance difference in cost of !reatmenl, average length of stay and outpatient visilS between HIV positive and negative patients. However at the outpatient level the unit cost of treating the HIVIAIDS patienl.1 is significantly greater than the non-HIVIA1DS patients. The similar cost patterns of the two patient groups examined in this study may reflect the fact that few therapeutic options, limited and non-specific basic health services are being provided to both groups of patients. Therefore information on costs of the treatment and care of AIDS patients in health facilities is necessary in order to have an idea of the likely costs of the increasing number of AIDS patients and to plan for their management and treatment effectively.



HIV/AIDS on Health Institutions