Management of Dairy Calves in Holetta Area, Centra.L Highlands of Ethiopia-

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This study was camied out with the primary objective of determining prevnience of failure of passive transfer of antibodies (FPTA ) in dairy cJlve!) 10 Holetta area. Central Highlands of Ethiopia .. Other objectliveses w ere to determine reltaionship of some management practices with morbIdity and monality and identifying constraints of dairy calf management and health in this area. The study period was 5 months in\olving 287 calves. 218 of them were born dunng thi~ period The callves were from 3 different production systms In the in area. Market oriented specialised dairy production system (MOSDP), mixed crop livestock production system (MCLP) and Holeutl Agricultural Research Center (Hgriculthural. To derermint: FPTA. ZinC sulphate lUrbidity tests (ZSTTl was performed on 189 serum sample A strucrured questionnaire was :.ldminrstered to -1-S farms. Cah'e!) were climcally examined regularl . whole blood samples from sick calves were examined for trypanosomes.