Prevalence and Patterns of Salivary Gland Disease in AddisAbeba University Maxillofacial Surgery, Affiliated Hospital, Addis Abeba University Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


BACKGROUND The salivary gland located in cheek, mouth, floor of mouth they have different functions like digestion, protection of mouth and teeth. Numerous conditions affect this glands, sialolithiasis/stone in salivary glands and ducts/ inflammatory conditions and tumors are among the most common. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and pattern of salivary gland disease in patients who visited Maxillofacial Surgery departments (TASH & St. Peter hospital) from Jan 2019- Dec, 2021. METHODS AND MATERIALSA multicenterfacility based retrospective cross sectional study was conducted by reviewing secondary data from chart of patients who were evaluated and managed with diagnosis of salivary gland disease during three years period. Data was collected, coded and entered to SPSS 21.0 for statistical analysis and results were presented with table and charts. RESULTS The study showed prevalence of chronic disease among patients with salivary gland disease as 7% .Thirty patients (52.6%)had salivary gland disease located in submandibular gland the commonest salivary gland disease was seen to be sialadenitis which was 29.8%. All of the benign tumors were a pleomorphic adenoma, and out of 11 malignant tumors 9 were found to be MECA.. Surgical treatment was used for the 89 % of the patients



Salivary gland stones, Sialadenitis, Salivary gland tumors.