Identification of Problems on Road Maintenance and Assessment of the Effects of Poor Road Maintenance on Road Function (in the case of Federal Roads of Ethiopia)

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Addis Ababa University


To facilitate the socio-economic growth of one’s country, the importance of well-conditioned road networks with the proper road maintenance practice is very significant. However, most of the federal roads are not in good condition, even more than one-third of the federal roads are in poor and very poor condition (not safe for driving). This study focused on the identification of the existing problems of road maintenance and assessment of the overall effects of poor road maintenance on road function. The objectives of the study were achieved through a literature review, desk study, interview and questionnaire survey to identify the most significant problems of road maintenance and the most frequent effects of poor road maintenance on road function. Accordingly, a total of thirty-seven (37) top-ranked problems are acknowledged as the most significant problems on road maintenance under four categories, namely client-related, consultant-related, contractor-related and other problems and a total of eleven (11) top-ranked effects are acknowledged as the most frequently occurring effects of poor road maintenance. Among them, the study finding indicated that procurement delay, insufficient road condition survey with lack of appropriate project prioritization mechanism and slow decision-making process under client-related problems; staff unavailability on the site, insufficient data collection and condition survey before road maintenance and delay in decision making under consultant-related problems; shortage of equipment, equipment allocation/ management problems and lack of acquiring new and recent technology equipment under contractor-related problems and people in power have a little understanding on the effects of poor road maintenance, road maintenance is politically unattractive and lack of interest by professionals to participate in road maintenance works under other problems are the top-ranked problems on road maintenance. On the other hand, reduce the riding comfort, shorten the service/design life of the roads and increase vehicle operating costs are the top-ranked frequently occurring effects of poor road maintenance on road function. Thus, all the concerning stakeholders are recommended to give all due attention towards the most significant (acknowledged) problems while undertaking any road maintenance to alleviate the problems and minimize their effects.



Client, Consultant, Contractors, Effects, Problems, Road Maintenance