Assessment Of Project Implementation Practice of Entrepreneur And Business Growth Project implemented By Digital Opportunity Trust Organization In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess project implementation practices of entrepreneur and business growth project implemented by digital opportunity trust organization. This study was conducted on DOT Ethiopia office located in Addis Ababa. Employees of the Addis Ababa office were the unit analysis for this research. A census method is employed in aim of collecting from all employees. The target population of this study was 18 employees. Among the target population 15 questionnaires returned. Structured questionnaires were employed to collect demographic and other relevant data from project manager and team members. After data collection process the data analysed using simple statistical analysis methods (frequency and percentage) and descriptive analysis (mean and standard deviation) methods had been usedSurvey data were subjected to descriptive statistics and different non parametric analysis using SPSS software. The study revealed that the project processes of initiation, planning, and execution, were adopted while the implementation of the project. And also various activities under each phase were adhered by the organization. Finally, the study found that a number of factors accounted for challenging the project such as: unrealistic expectations from the project by the beneficiaries, lack of user’s, lack of resources, unrealistic project time frames, frequent change of project requirements and specifications, and also challenges from government regulations and rules were found to account as challenging factors. Generally, the organization had prepared the plan in good detail and tried to consider all project issues except the communication plan. To the success of the project it is advisable to make the project visible to all stakeholders and communicated effectively, it will improve users input and also need to work closely with government



Project implementation, Entrepreneurship and Business Growth, communicated effectively