Assessment of Advertisers Pressure on Media Practitioners: The Case of Private Fm Radio Stations.

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Addis Ababa University


This study has made an assessment of advertiser’s pressure on media practitioners in private FM radio stations. In-depth interviews and questionnaires were employed for answering the investigation and to attain objectives of the study. Moreover, the subjects for in-depth interviews were purposely selected from Five (5) media practitioners working in the private FM radio stations and two (2) informants from Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority with relation to advertisement and media regulation. Random sampling has also been used for conducting self-administered questionnaires. Sixty (60) questionnaires have been dispatched to journalists in FM radio stations in order to complete the survey. The raw data were analyzed and interpreted thematically to find out their apparent objectives. Furthermore, relevant literatures were also reviewed. The advertisers influence on nature of contents and misconducts of sponsors in relation to advertisement regulation got analyzed in this study. The extensive literature review on social responsibility theory, media ethics, on ethical concerns of advertisement, market driven journalism and the practice of advertisement in private FM radio stations checked. The standard ruling the advertising industry; the guidelines, standards and editorial policies with the proclamation of advertisement. Qualitative inquiry, data were gathered through in depth interviews. The analysis of this study has been grouped in to two. These are; influence from advertisers/ sponsors and compliance with advertisement regulations. Findings implied that most of the practitioners confirmed that media owners were directly influenced by sponsors and advertisers influence nature of content in media houses . It has also been argued by respondents that media houses didn't operate according to EBA's advertisement proclamation no.759/2012.



media practitioners in private FM radio stations