Assessing Effect Of Manpower Training And Development On Project Performance: The Case Of Telecom Expansion Project (Tep) In Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


Training and development plays an important role in contributing to project performance. The significance of improved employee performance and job performance has been acknowledged in any organization and this improvement lies on the proper and effective training and development. The purpose of this study is to assess effect of TEP staff training and development in contributing to project performance at Ethio telecom. Both primary and secondary data were collected for the study. In order to collect and analysis primary data 132 staffs of core team and 3 key informant were taken. Questionnaires and interviews used as the method of data collection, and the data collected, analyzed using descriptive statics, correlation and regression analysis using SPSS. The specific objective of the study were grouped into five major sections that; assessing the objective of training and development, training and development need assessment, training and development delivery method, training and development effectiveness evaluation and training and development effect on project performance. The study indicated that 90.2% of the respondent was agreed that the training and development provided were good and relevant to objective of the project. The study also indicated that 76.5% of the respondent was agreed that the training and development needs assessment were conducted by the immediate supervisor in consultation with employee. The Project used both on the job and off-the-job training methods as ascertained by 81.8% of the respondents. It was also found that the TEP had exercised training and development effectiveness evaluation, as agreed by 84.1% of the participants, the training and development effectiveness were evaluated in terms of feedback received from coworkers regarding their job performance. The correlation of the study showed that there is significant positive relationship between three of the training practice, training objectives, need assessment and evaluation but no relationship between training methods implemented and project performance. Recommendation are provided on how to build effective training and development programme at ET. Furthermore, it is recommended for future researchers, to include all regional administrative of the company and to look the whole staffs including temporary employees by expanding to other graphical areas.



Manpower Training and Development, Training Need Assessment, Method of Training Delivery, Training and Development Evaluation