Practice and Challenges of Freight Tansportation Services: The Case of Maccfa Fregiht Logistics Plc.

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Addis Ababa University


Freight transportation has developed as one of the most crucial and dynamic areas of the transportation sector, with constant change. It is now the most important component of global commodity and supply networks in general. However, inefficiencies in general, as well as increased prices and difficulties of shipping and delivering goods, are adding to profit constraints faced by manufacturers around the world. For this reason, it's critical to research and study freight transportation. Thus the objective of this is study is to assess the practice and identify challenges influencing transportation service in the case of MACCFA freight Logistics Company. The study focused on six freight transportation practices regarding: cost of service, safety, service quality, customer satisfaction, transit time and technology and regarding challenges economic, environmental, legislative and technological issues were raised. In order to capture the issue, a mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative techniques with descriptive research design was applied. Dispatching a structured standard questionnaire and review of company profile were the main approaches to gather the data. The whole population of the company (top management, middle management and technical experts) who were directly or indirectly involved with freight transportation were involved in this study. Out of 70 total populations 50 valid responses were collected. Later, the data was analyzed using SPSS 23. The study tried to focus on practice and challenges of freight transportation service consequently, it has been revealed that the company practice all practices raised by the researcher but relatively transport service price and offering more flexible rate, accuracy of reduction of lead time, Controllability /traceability, ability to handle special products and using up to date information for forecasting customers ‘needs is relatively less practiced than other related factor. The finding shows that most of the challenges of freight transportation service for the firm are found under the category of legislative and technological.



freight transportation, third -party logistics, customer service, transportation challenges