Community Participation in Material Resource Management in Primary Schools of Dawo Woreda, South-west Showa Zone

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The purpose of this study was to assess Community Participation in Material Resource Management in Primary Schools of Dawo Woreda, South-West Showa Zone, Oromia Regional State. The study employed a descriptive survey design, which is supplemented by mixed model approach. Thus, both probability and non-probability sampling techniques were used. Out of 28 government Primary schools in Dawo Woreda, 8 primary schools were randomly sampled. The subjects of the study were about 30 % among 121 teachers, but 21 vice principals, and all (100%) of the 8 Parent-Teacher-Association heads, 8 principals, 8 supervisors and 8 woreda education office-heads. The instruments used to collect data were both questionnaire and interview. The information obtained from questionnaire was then analyzed by means of statistical tools including frequency, Percentage, mean value and chi-square. The study revealed that community participation in school material resource management was weak in that PTA members haven’t participated in coordinating, controlling and reporting of school material resources. The school leaders did not work sufficiently in initiating community participation. So also there were barriers such as teachers and school leaders’ unwillingness to welcome PTA members. All these were found to be due to PTA members’ lack of awareness, enthusiasm, commitment and basic skills of management. Moreover, teachers and school leaders professional territory, school leaders’ lack initiation of to enhance community participation to work in collaboration from planning to reporting; lack of good communication between the school and PTA members; lack of capacity building training for all teachers, principals and PTA members. So, the study recommended that the school leaders, WEO heads, WETB, ZEO, REB and other educational stakeholders like teachers, school leaders should be ready to dispose their role and responsibility in the involvement of PTA at school level