The Relationship between Press Freedom and Human Development: Evidence of East African Countries

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Addis Ababa University


This study attempted to establish a nexus between the three dimensions of press freedom (Economic, political and legal environment) and human development taking five year data from Six eastern African countries. Both Correlation and multiple regression panel linear regression analysis methods were employed. Preliminary tests of statistical assumptions were conducted to determine the use of data appropriate methods. The results indicate that consistently with the extant literature both political and economic dimensions of press freedom are important predictors of human development. However the legal environment failed to qualify as explanatory variable. Similarly qualitative analysis was also conducted through in depth interview with key informants of Ethiopian media practitioners who were picked up purposively and similar results were obtained which reinforce the output of the econometric analysis except deviation on the variable of legal environment. Recommendations for further research are presented based on the limitations noted. Keywords: press freedom, economic environment, political environment, legal environment human development.



press freedom, economic environment, political environment, legal environment, human development