Assessment of Practice and Challenges of Monitoring and Evaluation: The Case of Local NGOs Executing Health Projects

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Nowadays, NGOs increasingly play a prominent role in the development sector by filling gaps the developing world face. The study emphasizes on the assessment of practice and challenges of monitoring and evaluation in local NGO’s within Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. i.e. case of local NGOs working on health projects under the USAID local capacity development project. The purpose of this research is to asses this practice and challenges. The population of this research is the 288 local NGOs operating within Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while the target population is 50 NGOs that are registered and operational under the USAID local capacity development program implementing health projects. A questioner is distributed to all 50 local NGOs. Finally, 34 respondents filled in and returned the questioner properly. This research employs descriptive research design for acquisition of quantitative data. The data is analysed using SPSS and interpreted in percentage, and frequency. The findings of this study reveal that: a large majority of the subjects (94.1%) confirm encountered challenges such as policy/legal framework, inadequate baseline data, lack of fund and deficiency of expertise to monitor and evaluate projects effectively. They adopt mechanisms such as introducing participatory M&E approach, relocating budget for M&E and limiting M&E activities to mitigate the challenge. This study in general shows that although local NGOs have good M&E practice they also face numerous challenges when implementing M&E. The implications of the study and relevant recommendations is forwarded in this study.


A research thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), Local Capacity Development (LCD)