Factors Influencing Teachers‟ Job Satisfaction In Government Secondary Schools in Makuey Woreda Nuer Zone of Gambella

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent relationships between teachers’ job satisfaction that affect their commitment, internal and external factors influenced teachers’ job satisfaction, the working environment and school principals influence on teachers’ job satisfaction and challenges that influence teachers’ job satisfaction in Government Secondary Schools in Makuey Woreda Nuer Zone of Gambella Peoples’ Regional State. In the study, different groups of population were used to obtain the necessary information and these included teachers, teachers’ association s and school principals. The research study was designed using random and purposive sampling techniques and the primary sources of data collection were school teachers, teachers’ association and school principals of selected government secondary schools. The secondary sources of data collection were the related documents from schools, books, articles, internet sources, journals, references and others related literatures documents. The study targeted population of 5 government secondary schools in Makuey Woreda and the six one was used for piloting with twenty (20) teachers in order to check the reliability of the questionnaires, 144 teachers; 135 males and 9 females teachers were randomly selected in five (5) Government secondary schools used in the study, each (1) school principals in five schools were included and each (1) teachers’ association were used by purposive sampling in five (5) schools with total population of 154 was incorporated in the study. Descriptive survey design was used, presentations, analysis and interpretations of the data’s gathered which were used by different instruments; questionnaires, focus group discussions, unstructured interview, summary of the quantitative data and qualitative data were organized, analyzed and have been presented and also frequencies, percentages and tables were used in discussions. The responses related to work itself, implied that all the respondent teachers (144) were agreed with their work performances and aspects of the work related to high possibilities of teaching, assessing and different reporting systems that made teachers become satisfied with work itself. Besides, teachers were proud of teaching children or students that enabling them to become well-committed to the teaching professions and to work hard that give them high values to the work itself, feelings, autonomy and competition development this made teachers satisfied in the job as it is one of intrinsic rewards. The REB and WEO should plan to have a sufficient budget to increase school facilities and should program different trainings for teachers’ possibilities of academic growth and development because slight majority of respondent teachers disagreed due to an unusual workshops and trainings being provided for teachers. KEY WORDS: Internal and External Factors; Management; Work Conditions; Work Characteristics and Communication.



Internal and External Factors, Management, Work Conditions, Work Characteristics and Communication.