Improving medical equipment management in alert center a pre and post interventional study, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


Introduction: Medical equipment management play a great role to function a hospital in a maximum capacity. In hospital medical equipment management has several domains such as, planning and assessment of needs, procurement, training, operation, maintenance, decommissioning and disposal and ensure performance within the accepted standards, safe and effective use. In Alert center there is a gap on Ethiopian Hospital Transformation Guideline standard on medical equipment management from baseline assessment 40% of standard are met 60% of standards are not met. Objectives: To improve the management of medical equipment standard from 40% to 80% by implementing an intervention at ALERT center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Methods: Apre post hospital interventional study will be conducted. All health care providers working in the selected units and directly involved in medical equipment management were included in the study. Result: Compliance with Ethiopian Hospitals Service Transformation Guideline (EHSTG) standards for medical equipment management show improvement from 40% to 80%.The result showed that one month implementation of the selected strategies have significant improvement on medical equipment management in ALERT center. Conclusion: The findings of this capstone project shows that the strategies were effective and showed an improvement on medical equipment management in the center. However, the hospital management needs to develop long term strategies to strengthening the medical equipment management and staff capability building.



Medical equipment management