An Investigation of Special one Year Diploma In service Programmer (Soydp) In Abbyi-Addi College Of Teachers Education In Tigray Regional State

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Addis Abeba university


The study assessed some of the main factors that affect the training of Special One -Year Diploma in-service teachers education Programme offered by ACTE in Tigray Regional State. The sample consisted 142 teachers who were graduates of this special programme and 16 instructors who participated in training the teachers. Simple random sampling method was employed to select the respondents. In order to address the studies objectives, a descriptive survey method was also used. To gather the necessary data, a questionnaire and documents analysis was used. The data collected by the above mentioned instruments were analyzed using percentage and mean. The results obtained from the study suggests that the selection criteria in to this programme were fair even though they suggest that still the entrance exam should carry more credit and also the responsibility of setting the criteria should be given to the teachers education college rather than being initiated by TREB. Majority of the respondents opined that the facilities such as health center, supply of potable water, electricity, resource materials, laboratories etc are not full filled up to the required standard. The study also suggested that the then management of the college as well as the instructors were un democratic, they never make them participate in decision making. The innovation of the programme was implemented by the imposition of higher officials while there was a strong resistance from the teaching staff. The introduction of the programme was not based on assessment findings like its cost effectiveness, quality and duration of the programme. Rather as most of the instructors opined, the programme was initiated from the ambition of higher officials to have more diploma teachers in a short time with no attention to the quality of the teachers to be produced by the programme. Based on the findings and conclusions, recommendations are made to address the existing problems in the college of the regional state under study