Success Factors for Implementation of Development Projects: - A Case Study on Reducing Vulnerability of Street living Children and Youth Project.

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Addis Ababa University


The study sought to identify and assess the success factors for implementation of development project in mother and children Multi-sectoral Development organization, on Reducing Vulnerability of Street living children project. The research design is descriptive. The researcher used census for 33 target population. The data collection tools were interview and questionnaire. Questionnaires distributed to the team members and individuals who are involved with the project. Interview was conducted with the program manager and project coordinator.. The data obtained through questionnaire has been analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics: frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation through SPSS version 16 software. Moreover, the data obtained using interviews has been analyzed qualitatively. The finding of the result reveals that effective communication, good project monitoring and evaluation, clear project goals and objectives were considered to be the factors that contribute to the success of the project in MCMEDO whereas the rest two factors, stakeholder’s involvement and competent project team didn’t get enough emphasis on the particular project.



project goals, stakeholder‟s involvement, competent project team