Achieving Organizational Excellence Through Self-Assessment based on EFQM Model as a Tool for Continuous Improvement (In the Case of East Africa Bottling Share Company)

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims to assess the organizational excellence of East Africa Bottling Share Company (EABSC) as a case study for improving sustainable performance according to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model. Several ISO standards and TQM approaches have been applied in the past decade and currently, the journey towards organizational excellence to improve performance and competitiveness. EABSC is certified for Policies, procedures, quality standards (such as the ISO 9000 series, Quality Management System, food safety, and environmental management systems), and is working to have leading position as a bottler by focusing on the expectations of all stakeholders, systematically benchmarking, improving their processes productivity towards excellence. At this stage, Self-assessment through EFQM Excellence Model must be adapted to existing standards and improvement tools for a detailed evaluation of its current situation to identifying their strengths; understand their present and future the biggest performance gaps (improvement areas), encouraging the identification of solutions in order to improve is required. So, EABSC can consider the EFQM Excellence Model to be the next level of quality or for striving towards organizational excellence and for further development. EFQM Model standard questionnaire has been used for gathering data. A sample of 235 from the total population of 580 staff working in the company was completed all questions and descriptive statistics with the help of SPSS Software were utilized in order to analyze the data. To determine the reliability, Cronbach's alpha has been used and the questionnaire was reliable. Results of this study revealed that, Total score for this organization was 366.20 from 1000 scores this indicates that EABSC is currently at first level of excellence and on the way to reach the second level of excellence (score of above 400), which is granted to assess their performance by an excellence model and categorized activities of own organizations into nine EFQM model criteria. Customer results, Policy, and Strategy were strong points of this organization that results in criteria with respectively 56.05 and 47.63 percent. On the other hand, process and People results were improvable points and need more attention that results in criteria with 22.90 and 28.26 percent. Since EABSC attention is required in regard to the weaknesses (People results and Society) to reach the next second level of organizational excellence. Furthermore, the EFQM model can be considered as a comprehensive model for performance evaluation in bottling companies.



Bottling, organizational excellence, Self-assessment