The Morphology of Kafi Noonoo

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Addis Ababa University


This study attempts to desc ribe and a nalyze the various morphological structure of Kafi Noonoo . Ka fi Noonoo is an omotic language in the Afro-asiatic phylum. To a ddress this research, the d a ta were obtained from native informants, an the methods used to co llect the data were elicitation method. The thesis is organized in to s ix chapters. The first chapter presents general information a bout the people and the la n guage. And the inflectional and derivational analysis of the langu age is given from cha pter two to ch apter five. Finally, summary is given in chapter s ix.With regard to the find ings, it is found out that nouns a re inflected for number, gender , definiteness, and case . Besides, it is indicated that nouns in Kafi Noonoo can be derived from nouns, adjectives and verb stems. In addition to this, four types of pronouns are iden ti fied these are: persona l, possessIve, demon strative, and interrogative pronouns. With regard to verbs, it is found out that verbs a re inflected for agreement, tense, mood a nd negative . Besides, three of derived verbs a re found . [n chapter five, adjectives and adverbs are examined, and it is indica ted that adjectives can be derived from ve rba l and nouns s tems, adverbs are very few in number. Finally, summary is given in ch apter s ix.