The Role of Digital Marketing in Improving Tourism Brand Awareness: In Case of Members of Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

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main purpose of this research was to examine the role of digital marketing in improving Ethiopian tourism brand awareness. The study applied explanatory research design for seeing the casual relationship between the independent and the dependent variables. The research approach implemented was a quantitative approach using various descriptive, correlation, and regression analyses. With a population of 183 out of which 126 sample sizes were selected. A primary source of data, questionnaire, was used to collect the information. The findings indicated that there were positive significant relationships between all the independent variables (Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing, and Email Marketing) and the dependent variable, tourism brand awareness. The study found out that almost 70% of the variability of the dependent variable, tourism brand awareness, can be explained by the included independent variables: Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO marketing). This explains other variables (factors) which were not included in this specific study could affect the variation of the dependent variable by only 30%. This research has also found out that the elements of digital marketing could statistically (as well as significantly) predict brand awareness with significance value of 0.000, which is quite lower than 5%( 0.05). Compared with other variables, social media marketing has been found with the strongest relationship with the dependent variable at a value of 80%. Despite the fact that the companies have a moderate implementation of digital marketing components, it is recommended to give reasonable emphasis for all components for a more positive cumulated outcome in improving their brand awareness digitally.



Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Awareness