Leading Institution for Change: Preparation, Practice, and Challenges in the Case of Ministry of Education

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the preparation, practices and challenges of leading institution for change in the case of Ministry of education. For this purpose, an embedded type of mixed research design was employed. To conduct the research and attain the objectives of the research both qualitative and quantitative data were collected. The study takes a population of 513 staff, CEOs, desks, team leaders and experts from general education. From, out of 513 staffs, 155 participants were selected as a sample using simple random, purpose and stratified sampling methods. To gain the relevant information from respondents, closed and open-ended questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussion and documents analysis were employed to gather data. Finally, the frequency, percentage and mean, were employed to analyze the quantitative data. Besides, the data obtained using qualitative methods were transcribed and narrated to strengthen the findings from the quantitative analysis. The findings show that there was limited attention for institutional change in the Ministry of Education. the findings also indicated that ministry of education acknowledges and accepts the role of institutional change in institutional development. However, it is found that there was less effective and inefficient practice of institutional change in the Ministry as compared to its vision and responsibility. To this end, the federal government has to keep autonomy of the institution especially in the appointment of leaders and the Ministry of Education has to realize the institutional change through empowering its executive work unit and building an open communication system in the Ministry.



Leading Institution for Change: Preparation, Practice, and Challenges