Assessment of Pharmaceutical Warehouse Operation Management in The Case of Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency

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Addis Ababa University


In a supply chain, warehousing function is very critical as it acts as a node in linking the material flows between the supplier and customer in today’s competitive market environment companies are continuously forced to improve their warehousing operations, and many companies have also customized their value proposition to increase their customer service levels, which has led to changes in the role of warehouses. For many years, the private sector has taken a professional, systematic approach to warehousing; recognizing its importance to overall cost, customer satisfaction, and performance of the business. In turn, organizations involved in public health in the developing world have started to focus more attention on commodity warehousing, realizing its role as a critical resource for improving public health, and the professional and systematic approach used by the private sector is directly applicable to the challenges public health warehousing face in countries around the world. Challenges, such as the increase in variety of products in the public health system, or stock keeping units (SKUs), and the demand for reduced processing time, can be addressed by improving inventory management; and, in some cases, using technologies, such as automated data collection tools. Warehouse operation performance measurements are becoming more and more important issue when warehouse operation management becomes focus. measuring warehouse operation performance helps the agency to identify, success, helps the agency to clearly monitor and control its activity which will help the agency in meeting its strategic objectives, to easily identify factors which hinder success and to design a strategic plan to alleviate bottlenecks for improvements of the agency performance in the pharmaceutical supply chain, to make decisions based on visible facts. The objective of this research is to critically assess warehouse operation management at CEPSA The researcher have gathered data through primary sources using questionnaire SPSS software was applied to present and analyze the data gathered from 69 study participants, and the analysis result presented in different statistical presentation for ease of understanding the result



Warehouse operation management, Warehouse operation, management performance metrics