It Service Management Agility Assessment Model: the Case of CBE

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Addis Ababa University


Research findings show that as the maturity of implementation of IT Service Management Framework increases, the number of realized benefits also increases (Marrone and Kolbe, 2010) and getting a better agility allows companies to benefit from a faster Return on Investment (ROI) and a constant competitive advantage (Sahid, Maleh and Belaissaoui, 2017). Continually assessing IT Service Management agility and knowing the agility level is crucially important for companies to make sure that they can continually improve and ensure that they are still providing value to its customers and stakeholders. The main objective of this research is to develop an ITSM Agility Assessment Model for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and to test the current ITSM agility levels of the bank. A mixed method research approach using both Quantitative and Qualitative methods were employed. An ITSM Agility Assessment model was developed conceptually based on prior works on Organizational Agility Models and ITSM Best practices. Conceptually hypothesized model was developed and tested using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique and passed all reliability, validity, and structural tests. The defined constructs used to measure the ITSM Agility and the Indicators of the ITSM Agility construct itself produced a relatively similar value. This shows that, those constructs used in the ITSM Agility Assessment Model are true determinants of ITSM Agility in the organization. Using the defined model, ITSM Agility of CBE has been assessed and identified the current level of agile ITSM practice in the company. The final ITSM agility level of 3.28 was obtained and this shows that CBE is still in a transition phase towards a complete agile ITSM Practice with an overall ITSM Agility Level 2 (Wendler, 2014). This research contributes a theoretical foundation on how to assess an ITSM Agility practice in an organization and practically, CBE can use this model to regularly check its ITSM Agility levels and plan for future improvements to keep aligned with the business and technological changes and ensure efficient and effective IT Services delivery.



It Service Management Agility Assessment, Agility Assessment, Maturity Assessment, it Service Management, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, CBE itsm Practice Agility