The Scaffolding of Illegal Drugs Controlling and Prevention: A Case of the Drug Controlling Unit of the Federal Police Crime Prevention, at Bole International Airport

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Addis Ababa University


This research aims at investigating the scaffolding of illegal drugs prevention and controlling of the Federal Police Counter Narcotics Controlling Division, at Bole International Airport. The study used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Data pertinent to the study were gathered through close-ended questionnaire, open-ended questionnaire, and key informant interviews. Samples of the study were picked by using census method and purposive sampling. While quantitatively generated data were analyzed by using percentile, the rest collected from open-ended questionnaire and key informants interviews have been thematically interpreted. The findings of the study indicate that illegal drugs trafficking are steadily increasing and the airport is highly manipulated by experienced traffickers. Cocaine, cannabis, heroin, and methamphetamine drugs were caught while they were being trafficked. The study also identified the need to strengthen the unit with skilled police officers, ethically esteemed police officers, and advanced police technologies. The study could identify the salience of forming cooperation with internal and external stakeholders having great role to stop the epidemic of drugs. Finally, unskilled and inadequate officers, absence of advanced technologies, minimum sentence for imprisonment of traffickers and less attention by the Federal Police Commission are discovered as challenges to improve the efficiency of the unit of Counter Narcotics Controlling Division



Social Work