“Effect of Aggregate Size and Type on Shear Capacity of Normal Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams

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Addis Ababa University


Shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams is a major area of research for more than 100 years. However, a single globally accepted theory like the flexure theory is not yet developed due to involvement of number of parameters. Aggregate size and type has not been given emphasis as one of the factors affecting the shear behavior of beams. This paper presents the results of finite element analysis and experimental tests conducted on five reinforced concrete beams. The analysis and tests were performed principally to investigate the effect of aggregate size and type on shear capacity of normal strength reinforced concrete beams. Test specimens consisted of five simply supported slender beams with steel flexural reinforcement of which four are with normal aggregate and different aggregate sizes (37.5mm, 25mm, 12.5mm & 4.75) and one with light weight Aggregate (scoria). Through the experimental and analytical investigation it was observed that the shear capacity increases with increasing of aggregate size and shear capacity of light weight aggregate concrete is approximately similar to the capacity of mortar.



Structural Engineering