An Assessment of the Managerial Skill Effectiveness of North Gondar Zone Secondary School Principals

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Addis Ababa University


Themaiem pose oj Ihis slUdy \1'(1.1' (() osse.'s Ihe CII.'"/"e l7l SWillS OJ IIIwwgenol skills eueclIl·e//e.I.1he moin pllr of Nonh GondaI' zone secondw), school prinCipals '1/,,1 Ihere by 10 poil1l OUI Ihe prel'"iling problellls. To Ihis end answers 10 basic queslions periOlning 10 Ihe principals managerial skill in planning, organizing, decision making, cOl11municolion. mOlivming, delegaling olllharily. resolving conj/icls, schedllie making. managing cWTicu!t""l and conducling supervision were soughl jor. The research melhodology employed in Ihis sludy was descriplive sLl,.,.ey. Accordingly, survey queslionnaires were prepared and adr,linislered 10 (I sample of 150 respondenls composed of 12 principals and 138 leachers. In addilion 10 Ihis. il1lerview and documenl analysis, were made 10 collecl Ihe necessw)' injormaliol1. The dalel were wbulmed and analyzed by using ji"?quenc)' and percel1lage. The findings of Ihe sludy sholl'ed Ihlll mosl principals were inejfective in pe/fonning Ih eir managerial jill1clions. Since Ihey lacked Ih" required !ask relevant professional qualificalion in educalional planning and managemel1l. According 10 the findings, the principals skill in prepc.ring developmenl orienled plan and 10 organize school aClivilies which promole Ihe schools leaching learning process as a group of inlerrelaled part wilh a single pUlfJose was low. Furlhermore, the principals skill 10 manage Ihe inlernal and exlernal communicalion .1),Slem of the school was low. Due to Ihis. the princ/I",ls were ineffeclive to mainlain bilaleral ,':;mmuniccllion pattern with leachers and targel group of the leaching - learning process. Moreover. Iheir skill and knowledge in Ihe techniques ofsla/T mot ivai ion, authority delegation and conf/:cl lI/(Jnagemel1l was low. The j indings also repealed Ihal Ihe role played by principals as cons:llwl1I in hSlructional issues, coordinalor in assessing Ihe academic program of the year and accomplishing supervisory /ill7clion 01 each classroom supervisOl)' procedures was inodequale. Folloll'in}', ,he .findings and conclusions drCl\l'n il is ;'ecol1lmended Ihat the REB in collaborarion wilh lone and Districi Education Offices need 10 rel'ise the selection criteria used/or selecting and (l/JjJoinhng secandwy schou! princilJu/s, ,he provision 0/ in-sen'ice Ir'aining in educwi()nal/"{Jnog e "., e .~ 1 /01' Ihe principols and Ihe need!!)/' /ieqllel1l professional support by Ihe educal ionol managers 01' all levels were ji}/'lI'arded as major recoll1l11endw ions in I he study.



Managerial Skill Effectiveness