Factors that Affect Performance of Short Distance Athletes In the Case of Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy

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Addis Ababa University


Athletics is a popular sport in Ethiopia; so many athletes are doing training day to day throughout the year with so many obstacles that hinder their performance. The objective of this study was to find out major factors that affect the performance of short distance athletes of Ethiopian youth sport academy Addis Ababa and Asela campus. The research method of this study was descriptive survey method. As stated clearly in the sample size this study take all target population, thus purposively all population were taken.. 80 respondents participated as the source of data. Data were collected through open and closed ended questionnaire for athletes, semi structured interview for coaches, technical directors, and physiotherapist and observation check list from 73 Athletes, 4 coaches and 1 physiotherapist those participated in the study. The data were valid because the instruments answered the research questions and reliable even if it repeated again. A pilot study was conducted with 8 respondents who were not part of the actual group. The data collected were organized, analyzed, tabulated and interpreted using SPSS software in percentile. As far as major findings of the study were concerned, majority of the respondents stated their view that, there were a problem of supplying sport wear and sport shoes providing on time, sport injuries and nutritional factors. Then the study was concluded that there were a problem of scientific training, problem of supplying sport wear on time, sport injuries, food and water contamination. The researcher recommended that to supply enough and quality sport wear on time.



Factors, Performance, Academy, Injury, Training, Affect