Determinants of Green Areas Management under Urban Landscape Dynamics in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Urbanization causes land use change and as a result of urban environmental conditions disturb natural surfaces and replace them by urbanization due to this, the thesis was aimed to investigate the impact of urbanization to green areas development and management. A multi stage systematic random sampling was employed to draw 138 samples households from three sub-cities of Bahir Dar City. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Moreover, satellite images have also been used to investigate the trends of green areas in Bahir Dar. The land use pattern of the city indicated that coverage of built up area is increasing radically from 1986-2016 whereas that of crop land, plantation and grassland was decreased from time to time. From 1986-2016, plantation land use class decreased from 5453.5 ha (25.1%) to 2501.8ha (11.5%). The study also tried to assess the perception of community towards benefit of green areas to wellbeing of the society. Descriptive statistics applied to look their perception in environmental, socio economical and health categories, based on this majority of respondents’ perceived benefit of green areas. The statistical model namely binary logit were employed to establish the factors affecting green areas management. The result of binary logit model directed that age of household head, average income of household, sufficient number of green areas available, sufficiency of budget allocated to green area management and hour to reach the nearest green area from resident are significant factors that affect green area management negatively while marital status of household head, participation in tree planting campaign and stakeholders collaboration are significant factors that affect green areas management positively. The study recommended that development of green areas should emphasize new settlement areas to make more accessible beside this existing communal green areas management should be more participatory. Key words: Green areas, Green areas management, Urbanization