Assessment of after-sales service management in the case of Motor and Engineering Company of Ethiopia (MOENCO)

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Assessing after-sales service management is the main object of this study in MOENCO Ethiopia. The study was conducted using the descriptive survey method encompassing both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Questionnaires were handed out to the respondents and descriptive statistical analysis techniques were used for the study. In general, assessing the results from the study of after-sales management with regards to the statistics on activities of aftersales service dealing with reported problems and queries on options created to customers, in which it’s comparable between small sized firms with small attrition and structured companies with more fleet mostly addressing issues well. In its finding, the study identified MOENCO’s after-sales statistics level of providing a personal touch to their service; the customer can choose the form according to their preference, which dedicated an average mean difference of 4.25. The study also shows that the location of service delivery is crucial, in terms of maintaining different machineries in customer compound is way better than in Service providers station, since transporting equipment’s and construction machines is difficult to manage and the cost of doing that also create inconveniency in the machinery business. As operational requirement, technicians are always in check-ups and those technicians also travelled to meet customers to fulfill their demand, at a 4.02 difference, to avoid detective ways of handling complaints & dissatisfactions. Even if formal procedures, goals and policies are not in place to expected level, the company understand the vitality and usefulness to satisfy customer demands. Finally, this research indicates that organizations that provide vehicles and spare parts to the wider public can use the space to enhance aftersales activities, engaging customers for better future considering ongoing nature of the business through effective way of management.



After-sales Service, Compliant Handling, Customer expectation