Crime Victimization and Its Impact on Victims: The Case of Addis Ketema Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted with the aim of exploring crime victimization and its impacts on victims in Addis Ketema. A retrospective cross-sectional research design and a qualitative research approach were employed. An in-depth interview, key informant interview and focus group discussion were conducted to collect the data for this study. The data analyzed through thematic and content analysis methods. The study shows that the types of crimes usually committed against the victims were burglary, larceny, snatching, battery, robbery and physical injury have been committed predominantly. The criminals usually look at the situation, season, at the time of the crime considering that they committed an action or event that works against victims by studying and looking at the victim's overall focuses and cautions. In this regard, victims were exposed for crime incidents because of their lifestyle, accessibility and carelessness and sometimes due to the techniques and methods, the criminals used that in an unthinkable manner and beyond the victims’ capacity or ability to defend. Crime on victims had social, psychological, physical and financial impacts. The findings of the study portrayed that crime adversely affects the victim’s ability to perform in the day-to-day activities and social life at large. When victims are vulnerable to crime incidents, as they tend to bear the extended burden of caring for their family and community. As result of crime victimization, the victims do not have trust on the police institution and police officers. The study also pointed out that Addis Ababa police commission does not have a victim treatment directive and regulation; because of this, police do not properly treat, support and serve the crime victims. Therefore, the police commission should prepare a victim treatment and handling law. Key words: Crime, Victimization, Crime Victim and Impact.



Crime, Victimization, Crime Victim and Impact.