Human Resource Utilization in Selected Government Technical and Vocational Institutes and Colleges in North Wollo Administrative Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The lIIain purpose a/this study was to ulldertake the assessment a/human resource utilization in sOllie selecred TVET illsritutiolls in North Wallo Zone. To this end an attempt was made to look how rhe currellr practices 0/ HRM alld ro give recommendatiolls lor the idenrified problems so as ro allev/{/re the existillg silUarions. A descnjJtive survey method was employed to identify the currenr SlalliS 0/ rraillers' managelllellt in the sampled institutions. The sampled institutions like Lalibefa alld Meket TVET institutions and Woldia andMersa TVET colleges were the focused area. These sample TVET institutions were selected from Amhara Region in North Wallo Zone by usillg purposive sampling. The participants 0/ the study were 6 principals/deans, 16 Work Process Coordinators, 11 department heads and 124 trainers, total 157. Accordingly, the respolldelll sampling was carried out through stratified and availability sampling techniques. Ill/orlllotioll was oblained using questionnaires, interviews and documenfOnal)"sis. Statisticoltechniques quantitatively like frequency, percentage and mean resr were employed ro allal),ze rhe dara obrained fronl the respondenrs under the study. The findings showed rhclI rhe sOlllpled illsrirutiolls laced problellls due ro illappropriare planning 0/ rhe rrain ers which lIIusr be prepared ill cnlvallce. Traillers were with 110 ill/ormation about their weaknesses and strengrhs rhrough pel!ormallce evaluation process conducted low rate 0/ usage performance appraisal resulr lor jimher placement, rewards, motivation. As a result, there were high turnover 0/ traillers ill the sampled institutions. Besides that the involvement a/principals/deans in assigning trainers lor training was low. Finally, certain recommendations were stated briefly on the filldillgs