Information Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Academicians the Case of Defense Command and Staff College Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to examine the academicians' information needs and seeking behavior of Defense Command and Staff College. There has been a remarkable rise in information in recent years, which has important consequences for teaching and learning, as well as education in general. It takes library efficiency to the next level by allowing users to customize their knowledge to match their own needs. In addition, the study attempts to examine users' information wants in order to evaluate academicians' information wants and seek behavior.(1) The resources used, (2) the types of information available, (3) assessing user awareness, and (4) evaluating the DCSC Library's user education. A questionnaire and an interview were used to measure the respondents' thoughts on their level of information needs. The qualitative data were assessed and used for further information for the conclusion and recommendations, while the quantitative data was investigated using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 26. The descriptive study research method was involved 111 academicians. The findings also recommended that Defense Command and Staff College library needs to provide better awareness and training programs for the users of library resources, e-resources, and services, provide adequate and sufficient quantity and scope of library materials. In other words, the study examined the preferred information sources used by academicians for conducting research, class preparation, curriculum preparation, etc. Here, appropriate recommendations were provided by the findings of the study. The descriptive study was used on 111 questionnaires, but only 95 academic members were returned, and six academicians were interviewed. The study reveals that, academicians mostly depend on printed and electronic resources. To address the information needs of academicians in the college, it is advised that the library should be reorganized with internet access and sufficient resources. In addition, librarians should provide users with basic training to assist them in accessing electronic resources.



Information Needs, Information Seeking Behavior, Academicians, Case of Defense Command, Ethiopia