The Effect of Solid Waste Reverse Logistics on the Livelihood Assets of Collectors: The case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The government authority to manage Addis Ababa’s Solid waste is Addis Ababa Solid Waste Management Agency. This agency uses three solid waste collection systems. These systems are residential, commercial and street waste collections. The residential waste collection system is the responsibility of micro and small enterprises organized under associations in all Woredas of Addis Ababa. These collectors earn their living operating solid waste collection by performing practices which fall in the realm of solid waste reverse logistics i.e. personal reuse, recycling, commercial reuse and organic valorization. There are about 6,400 individual collectors in Addis Ababa under the residential solid waste collection system. These collectors are working in all the sub-cities of Addis Ababa and the research study used a stratified sampling technique to identify a sample size of 376 respondents and study on the effect of solid waste reverse logistics on the livelihood assets of collectors. The research used both primary and secondary data to describe how residential solid waste collection is being practiced in Addis Ababa and infer which solid waste reverse logistics practice highly contribute on the livelihood assets of collectors.



Solid Waste, Reverse Logistics,, Personal Reuse, Commercial Reuse,, Recycling, Organic Valorization,, Livelihood Assets.