The Contribution of Hotels to the Development of Tourism in Ethiopia: The Case of Five Star Hotles.

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Addis Ababa University


This study mainly focuses on the contribution of hotels to the Ethiopian tourism development by taking five star hote ls as its target. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative methods and employed mainly primary data. The data collection methods which are used to gather the required information include: participant observation, both structured and unstructured interview and questionnaire. The questionnaires were given to both sample local and international touri sts as well as the industry workers at random basis. Observation is used as the only so urce of obtaining data from one of the target hotels, Sheraton Addis Hotel, because of getting no permission to conduct interview and distribute questionnaires upon the internal problem of the organization. The researcher has examined the different issues related to the status of service provisions to tourists and customer satisfaction in the target hotels. Accordingly, it is found that the different tourist service provisions in both ICAH and HAH are not standard ized enough to meet the needs of touri sts though some of the services are relati vely better than the others. Comparati ve ly speaking Sheraton Addis Hotel offers better services to tourists than lCAH and HAH do. Though the different touri st service provisions fail to meet the international standards, all the three target five star hotels are found to contri bute a lot to the development of Ethiopian tourism by hosting different tourists the majority of whom are of international in terms of their nationality or residence. Finally, the researcher fo rwarded some recommendations in order to mll11mlZe the already identified problems associated with different attributes within the target hotels so that the hotels could improve customer sati sfaction in particular and contribute by far much better than ever to the Ethiopi an touri sm development at large.



Hotels to the Development of, Tourism in Ethiopia