Freedom of Political Association in Ethiopia

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Freedom of association is guaranteed in the FDRE Constitution as well as international human right treaties ratified by Ethiopia. Ethiopia has recently adopted Ethiopian Electoral, Political Parties Registration, and Election's Code of Conduct Proclamation Number 1162/2019 which helps ensure political association. The study is aimed at assessing the Electoral Proclamation in regard to ensuring political association of parties. The analysis revealed that the time set for registration is as per the standard but is not prompt in practice which is against the right to form a political party. The requirement set for minimum member in registration is not extensive considering the population of Ethiopia. For cancelation of political parties there are some reasons that have not been clearly listed which is restrictive as well. But funding is set as per the acceptable standard. Therefore, the conclusion reached is that the Electoral Proclamation has some restrictions on political association.



international human right treaties,Electoral, Political Parties Registration,Freedom of Political Association