Determinants of Customers Buying Decision of Locally Assembled Light-duty Vehicles: The Case of Belay AB Motors

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was analyzes the determining factors that affect buying decisions in locally assembled light duty vehicles of Belay AB motors in Addis Ababa.. specifically the study examine the influence of, Brand Image, After sales Services, Product Attributes, External Factors and Price Factor, on customer buying decision on locally assembled light duty vehicles in Addis Ababa in case in Belay AB Motors . The model, presented by, was chosen from different scholars as a framework for evaluating factors influencing factors that affect purchase decisions in locally assembled light duty vehicles of in Ethiopia. The study was used both descriptive and exploratory design using a quantitative approach through structured questionnaires that were distributed to 384 selected consumers in Addis Ababa and descriptive statistics and multiple regression techniques were used for analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Findings from this research revealed that factors such as product attributes, brand image, after sales services and external factors ( recommendation by friends/ family / credit facilities ) have a positive and significant relationship with the purchasing decision , whereas price factors has negative effect on purchase decision of locally assembled light duty vehicles of Belay AB motors company. Recommendations based on findings and suggestion for future study is presented



Purchasing Decision, Product attributes, Price factors