The Roles of Leadership in change Management in Addis Ababa City Houses Development Corporation: In the Case of Four Selected Branch Office

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Due to volatility of business environment, the leaders‟ primary role and effort becomes to enable their organization constantly to adapt towards of managing changes initiatives. Hence the objective of this study was to determine the vital leadership roles in order to ensure effectively managing organizational change initiatives. A qualitative research method was adapted, while two kinds of data collecting tools were used, i.e., semi-structured interviewing complemented with secondary data mining, in the case study of a project branches offices of Addis Ababa city Houses Development Corporation, namely branch-1, branch--2, branch--3 and branch--4. After referring some helping secondary documents the targeted respondents were selected from the these branch offices using purposive sampling method. Therefore interviews were conducted totally with 28 representatives or 7 persons from the four branch- offices inviting one person to participate per work team section. The finding indicates that even though the corporation‟s leaders have been making the effort, their role is not practiced properly to manage change initiatives, due to people‟s indifferences and extenuative factors.Thus it is the reason for the occurrences of change failure in the corporation. Therefore, suggestions and recommendations were proposed accordingly, for the need of leadership‟s practical and behavioral amendments to realize the visions .



Leadership roles, Change management