The Lived-Experiences of Older Persons Receiving Social Support Services in “Habesha Aregawuyan Ena Miskinoch Merja Maekel” In Debreberhan, Ethiopia

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Addis ababa university


Social support is vital for the wellbeing of persons especially for the older persons because those group of peoples are highly in need of it, absence of support for the older persons is pushing elders to live in uncomfortable way of life. Thus, unless supporting practice and challenges for older persons are carefully handled and studied, it could result in socio, economic, political and socio-psychological problem. The main objective of this descriptive cross sectional study is to describe the lived-experiences of older persons receiving social support services in “Habesha Aregawuyan ena Miskinoch Merja Maekel” in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia. The research employed a qualitative research method with a phenomenology design. Data was gathered through in depth interview and key informant interview. Using purposive sampling, the study participants in this research were seven old persons who are receiving social support in the organization in an in-depth interview and two management staffs as a key informant interview selected. The data were analyzed through thematically analysis method. The major findings of this study shows that elders immediate life before they enroll into the organization was characterized by un availability of support and savior life, but after enrolling into the organization they get supports what they need including tangible support such as shelter, food, drink, clothing, hygiene and health care services and emotional supports including affection and counselling services., in fact there are some challenges faced but they used different mechanisms to cope up with the problems. This study implies that it is better to allocate social workers in such organizations as both practitioner and professional to improve the performance of organization’s services and older persons and support for them needs community, government, and non-government organizational support and participations to alleviate the current challenges and to help others older persons who are not accessing these opportunities. Keywords: Lived Experience, Old persons, Social support, phenomenological study, HENDA



Lived Experience, Old persons, Social support, phenomenological study, HENDA