Assessment Of Practice And Challenges Of Project Planning In Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The study assesses the practice and challenges of project planning in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The study was conducted based on the data gathered from commercial bank of Ethiopia project management office. Since the number of the staffs of project management office is manageable, census is used. A mixed research approach was employed to answer the research questions that emerged through the review of existing literature. The data obtained through questionnaire has been analyzed using descriptive statistics. To acquire the intended information the researcher used structurally designed questionnaire. The result of the study indicated that most of the projects planning processes are practiced poorly in commercial bank of Ethiopia. The finding also reveals the major challenges that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia faces in the project planning process. These are: Lack of adequate and effective project time management, lack of integration between projects, lack of experienced project managers, lack of qualified and experienced project teams, lack of project management training, inefficient and insufficient communication between project managers and team member and absence of documenting lessons learned and best practices. The study recommended the bank more effort should be made at the planning stage of the project, more advanced project planning tools and techniques should be applied while preparing the project plan, the Project management offices need to have project planning department to conduct the project planning activities and to provide training about project planning practice to project managers and project team members on regular basis.



project planning practice, challenge of project planning, commercial bank of Ethiopia