The Effect of Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction The case of export customers of Enat bank s.c

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of the research is to evaluate the effect of banking service quality on customer satisfaction in the case of export customers of Enat Bank S.C and to measure the relative importance of the six banking service quality (BSQ) dimensions towards customer satisfaction. To fulfill the target, the research used a quantitative method and a deductive approach for this thesis. Hypotheses were created with theory as a base and tested on a sample population of Enat Bank selected branches customers in Addis Ababa city. Respondents were chosen from various demographic features and the samples were drawn using purposive and simple random sampling techniques. This research generally focuses on exporters customers of Enat Bank. Bank service quality (BSQ) model of Bahia and Nantel, (2000) was used to evaluate overall level of service quality and its effect on customer satisfaction. The model had six dimensions; effectiveness and assurance, price, access, tangibles, service portfolio and reliability. By using five likert scale, a set of questionnaires were disseminated to180 respondents of Enat bank and 144 valid and complete questionnaires were coded to SPSS version 20. The data was analyzed using correlation and multiple regression analysis. The findings of the correlation analysis indicated that there is a positive and significant relationship between all BSQ dimensions and customer satisfaction. Service portfolio dimension has the highest effect on customer satisfaction. In addition, the regression result indicated that effectiveness and assurance, access, tangibles have a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction however, price and reliability have a positive but insignificant effect on customer satisfaction.



Banking Service quality, customer satisfaction