Assessment On The Causes Of Construction Project Failure And Abandonment: The Case Of Yeka Hills 4star Hotel Construction Project In Addis Abeba.

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Addis Ababa University


Construction is a great deal of economy when it comes to Ethiopia where it claimed about 40% of the total investment of projects in the nation. Construction projects just like any projects are defined as a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end; and usually is with constraints of time, budget, and quality undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, and add business value. Therefore, a project is considered a failure when it has not delivered to the required deliverables. There are numerous reasons for failure and abandonment. In Ethiopia's context, projects are associated with failures and abandonment because of many reasons such as, lack of funding, poor project planning, poor governance policy, poor workforce, lack of communication, lack of consultation to the project clients, inability to work in triple constraints, select capture among others. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the common causes of construction project failures and abandonment through the use of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews focusing on the construction project, Yeka Hills 4Star hotel. The major issues being studied for this particular research are causes that are related to the client, the consultant, the contractor, the external environment, and the time &budget issues. Under which there are a total of 34 sub-factors that are caused by the abandonment and failure of the Yeka Hills 4Star construction project in AA. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative approaches and used questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to gather relevant data. Out of 26 respondents, 23 questionnaires were distributed to the consultant and contractor professional that was involved in the construction project. The rest 3 respondents are from the client-side and data was gathered by interviewing. Based on the data gathered an analysis was made by using the SPSS data converter. Results, discussions, and recommendations are made based on the analysis from the research stud



Construction projects,, construction abandonment and failure,, causes of constriction abandonment