AU Enforcement Mechanism against Unconstitutional Change of Government

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Addis Ababa University


Unconstitutional Change of Government in Africa is acknowledged not only as a primary cause of conflict but also regarded as a threat to democratization processes, peace, security and stability of the continent. The first three decades after independence were characterized by inaction and indifference in internal affairs of member states but in the last two decades AU is determined to stem the occurrence of UCG through a set of continental and sub-regional norms and collective action. Unlike its predecessor OAU, the African Union (AU) through normative instruments has committed itself to avert or end UCG occurrence to fundamentally entrench a culture of democracy and good governance. Its pronouncements and active engagement in UCG situations have been forthright. This paper looks into the foundational understanding of UCG situations, and available enforcement mechanism under AU norms against UCG to evaluate the manner of enforcement of its instruments to achieve the overall objectives. It comparatively analyze AU enforcement to identify lessons learnt so far to evaluate its enforcement. In conclusion, the thesis identifies AU enforcement challenges that need to be addressed first in order to deal effectively with unconstitutional changes of government and finally achieve the intended objectives



Enforcement Mechanism Against