Assessment Of Innovation Product Management: The Case Of Anbesa Shoe S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The study focuses on the performance innovation management products concerned of MIT management of innovation technology) by using tools of planning innovation and the implementation of innovation Processes .To provide richer understanding about the phenomenon Descriptive research method was used . In order to make this project valid; questionnaires, observations and documentation through analysis of both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to verify the findings. The unit of analysis, the project was selected based on convenience to get the required information. To carry out the study primary data sources were used that include employees being involved in project work (technical experts and support staff), top level executives and internal documents that could give information related to the innovation management practice. The result from all questioner, interview and documents shown less percent recorded on MIT activity. Decision according to result of analysis MIT strategy was taken by considering planning implementing and evaluation and controlling system of innovation in Anbesa shoe S.C among the MIT the company planning is not enough active to set vision ,mission ,goal, and strategy of innovation. Also it is weak to adventure, confront and plat form of innovation processes. Horizontal communication, idea sharing and reward culture are also not compatible. Among the implementation system it also weak as planning trained because the result show that there is no enough trend of leadership, engagement, alignment and extension strategy not only these, but also have not outshine installed approach to overcome the implementation problem. The finding recommend that MIT scheme will be more efficient in terms of improving innovation planning ,implementing which need performance, promoting teamwork sprit and enhancing MIT strategy to individual and group level should be clear to organizational community



Innovation, Technology, Planning, Implementation