Pavement DistreAddis Ababa Ring Road – Assessment of Causes and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Measures

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Addis Ababa University


The present study area which forms a part of the ‘Ring road’ in Addis Ababa is located nearly round the city except in the northern portion of the city. The Addis Ababa city is located on the western margin of the Main Ethiopian Rift and is a part of western highland of Ethiopian. The total length of the road is 33.2 Km and the design life of the ring road was for about 20 years. However; it shows manifestation of distress just within 9 years, well before its actual design period. The present research study was conceived with an objective to define the degree of pavement distress and to define and categorize the causes of pavement distress. In order to meet out the objectives of the present study systematic methodology was followed. Firstly, the various kind of distress were identified and located and secondly based on the degree of distress the pavement was sub-divided into five homogeneous zones such as; very poor, poor, fair, good and excellent. It is believed that the distress or deterioration of pavement in the study area might have resulted due to combined effect of various inherent and external factors. For the present study mainly the engineering geological factors were considered. These factors are; Rock and soil types, Geology, Drainage (Rivers, Surface flow direction, GW table and GW flow direction), Elevation (Altitude), Slope terrain, Curvature, Slope aspect and Structural set up (Fault line) of the area. As a part of methodology field visual survey using distress density method was developed and applied. Besides, a standard method of distress manifestation index was also used to produce visual survey maps. In order to assess the relative influence of engineering geological factors on pavement distress, analysis was made in GIS environment. For this purpose overlay analysis was performed using various tools in ArcGIS. To know the relative contribution of each of the causative factors on pavement distress, Raster Calculator - a tool in Arc GIS, was used. Further, analysis was made to know the relative contribution of each of the parameter on pavement condition (DMI). Finally, based on the present study the possible rehabilitation alternatives were worked out.



Pavement Distress, Addis Ababa Ring Road – Assessment, Causes, Evaluation, Rehabilitation Measures